What Our Clients Are Saying; Testimonials Near Naperville, IL

I received acupuncture treatments from eric for inflamation and pain in my very arthritic knees. The inflamation is gone and has not come back and my knees are pretty much pain free. I also had success with treatments on my sinuses for stuffiness and eric got me through some pretty bad colds. After treatments on the second joint of my thumbs, I can now enjoy using my hands without pain. I was quite at ease with eric and he was always very concerned with how I was feeling and what he could do to help.

Diane J R.

My name is Bill and I have been suffering with a pinched nerve as a result of degenerative disk disease. I had gone to the chiropractor, had a nerve block injection at the spine center and then turned to acupuncture with Eric. After the third treatment I was feeling and walking much better. After the sixth treatment I was almost pain free…the results have been amazing….I would strongly recommend acupuncture. Thank you Eric!

Bill B.

I have been very pleased with the results from the acupuncture treatments that I received from Eric. He listens carefully, does a thorough evaluation and treats accordingly. He is attuned to my body and it’s responses which makes for a successful treatment. I highly recommend his acupuncture services.

Christine B.

My husband and I had been trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant for about 18 months when we met Eric. Neither of us had tried acupuncture before, nor did we know anything about it. Not only was acupuncture an enjoyable experience, providing both of us with a sense of wellness and clarity we didn’t know was missing, but it was also undoubtedly the most effective form of treatment that either of us had received for fertility.

Although we were able to become pregnant with our first child on our first try, our physicians had informed us that based upon some test results, our only options for conceiving a second child were going to be artificial insemination and/or IVF.

Fortunately, Eric didn’t see it that way. He had tests run on both my husband and I that our fertility physicians never even mentioned were options. Based upon those results, he instituted an acupuncture and herbal medicine treatment program.

Within months, we were pregnant. Unfortunately, that pregnancy ended almost immediately as it began for reasons unknown. However, we were pregnant again 2 months later, and now have a happy, healthy 2 month old baby boy!

We couldn’t get pregnant at all for 18 months, yet once we embarked on our acupuncture/herbal medicine program with Eric, we were pregnant twice in 3 months! I FIRMLY believe it was his acupuncture combined with the herbs he prescribed that allowed us to now have this new little angel in our lives.

I would be happy to personally share our story with anyone who might want more information. THANK YOU ERIC for your amazing services!

Laura and Tom T.

Acupuncture For Fertility Naperville ILMy husband and I were diagnosed with unexplained infertility. We tried to conceive for over 6 years with countless fertility treatments around the United States. It was not until we worked with Eric Recine that we found success.

Eric treated me with a combination of Chinese herbs and acupuncture prior to and during IVF. The treatments helped my body get into the best possible condition, and it also helped me with the emotional stress. I left feeling balanced and relaxed. He also ordered tests for my husband that no other doctor had bothered to look into. Upon giving him supplements, my husband’s sperm morphology more than doubled in 1 month!

I would highly recommend acupuncture for infertility. It is a holistic experience which I believe is imperative for both male and female conditions. It is proven to increase success rates of pregnancies and sustain them. My husband and I are very thankful we found Eric. He is passionate about his profession and committed to giving every one of his patients the best possible care. I definitely believe his approach helped me get pregnant! We are now the proud parents of a beautiful, healthy baby boy! The experience as a whole has been a dream come true!


Dear Eric,

I want to take this opportunity to talk about my experience receiving acupuncture treatments from you.

When I came to see you, I was suffering from neck and back pain from an auto accident. After all “conventional” methods of treatment to eliminate my pain were exhausted; the nurse practitioner from my doctor’s office suggested acupuncture treatments.

Let me begin by saying that I was skeptical of the validity of acupuncture as a treatment method. However, after just a few treatments, my entire attitude changed. My neck and back pain went away and my body was in a much better state than before the treatments. Acupuncture, and the treatments you gave me, definitely helped my situation. I would recommend acupuncture to anyone looking to feel better, no matter what the ailment.

Thanks again for your professionalism and excellent care.

Best of luck to you in Chicago.

Thank you.


Jon P.