Twelve Pathways Acupuncture Fertility Protocol

Acupuncture For Fertility Naperville ILOver the last 16 years National Board Certified Acupuncturist, Eric Recine, Acupuncturist Naperville IL, has worked with many couples and medical doctors to aid in fertility to conceive new life. A major part of his patient load is fertility related treatments. Through extensive research and experience Eric has designed a step by step protocol, employing the tools of Traditional Oriental Medicine to assist in fertility. This protocol will dramatically increase the chances of conception.  Protocol will vary slightly depending on the constitution of the couple and woman. The most advantageous approach for any couple and woman is to start this protocol 1 to 3 months prior to desired conception; however, results can be achieved sooner. This protocol may include:

  • Traditional Oriental Medicine evaluation of couple or woman
  • Traditional Acupuncture Sessions
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • Dietary Adjustments
  • Understanding your body’s Yin and Yang and achieving life balance
  • Exercise advice
  • Awareness of disharmony in the menstrual cycle
  • Learning how to breathe correctly
  • After pregnancy has been established a Prenatal Plan is implemented

Prenatal Plan

  • Decrease risk of a miscarriage, control morning sickness and fatigue
  • Promote relaxation, reduce stress while concurrently achieving deep sleep
  • Decrease any pain and swelling associated with pregnancy
  • Encourage the release of the hormone oxytocin from pituitary gland (accountable for stage dependent contractions and let down reflex)
  • Increase lactation
  • Aid in delivery close to due date
  • Induce if necessary

During the last 16 years many women find that through proper education, Acupuncture, timing and Chinese herbal Formulas they can become pregnant even if they have been unsuccessful thus far. If you are near Naperville, IL contact Eric today for a free consultation on how acupuncture can help you with fertility.

Common Fertility Issues and how Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine can Help Near Naperville, IL

*Irregular Menstruation – Acupuncture and Herbal Formulas aid in regulating hormones and balancing the body to regulate and restore a normal cycle. This allows for better accuracy of the ovulatory window.

*Endometriosis – This condition can cause pain, irregular periods and occasionally the women is without symptoms. Therefore, endometriosis has a huge impact on conceiving. Herbal Medicine is usually implemented with Acupuncture to resolve menstrual clotting, reduce blockages and inflammation and decrease pain.

*Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) – This is a very common condition affecting a women’s cycle characterized by infrequent or prolonged cycles, hair growth, acne, obesity. Most women with this condition are not ovulating. Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Formula’s assist in rebalancing hormone levels to regulate and restore menstruation, in turn promoting the ovulatory phase.

*Uterine Fibroids – These noncancerous growths of the uterus vary in size and are sometimes symptomless, therefore affecting the ability for a woman to conceive. They are usually detected via pelvic exam or ultrasound. Symptoms include: spotting between periods, heavy menstrual bleeding, prolonged bleeding in excess of 7 days, pelvic pain, difficulty emptying the bladder. Acupuncture and Herbal formulas can aid in shrinking fibroids, preventing further fibroids to restore normal menses. Western medical intervention is sometimes needed if masses are too large and blocking the tubes.

*Other causes of infertility can include: Hormone imbalance due to stress, Ovarian cyst’s, Male infertility (decreased sperm count, sperm morphology problems, sperm motility issues), Issues with HPA axis, Increasing maternal age, Unexplained infertility, Elevation in FSH, Decrease in ovarian response, Egg issues, PMS, Decreased libido, Elicit and prescription drug use, Amenorrhea and Dysmenorrhea.

Acupuncture and Traditional Oriental Medicine can help by:

  • Rebalancing and regulating the menstrual cycle naturally
  • Reducing stress to allow for increased ovarian response and preparation of the uterine lining.
  • Increase the quality of egg and production of the eggs.
  • Enhance and establish relaxation in an anxious patient and recurrent miscarriage patients.
  • Increase blood flow to the uterus, brain and reproductive organs necessary for the ovaries and positive conception results.
  • After pregnancy has been established a plan to prevent miscarriage and control morning sickness and fatigue is implemented.

Acupuncture and IVF Near Naperville, IL

Clinical research has demonstrated that Acupuncture used in conjunction with IVF increased success rates over 60%. Acupuncture acts by relaxing the uterus and uterine contractions after embryo transfer and aiding in increased blood flow to the ovaries during the stimulatory process of the IVF, working in correlation with the drugs used by your reproductive endocrinologist.

Twelve Pathways is committed to providing all that Traditional and Natural Medicine can offer in regards to fertility and is conveniently located near Naperville, IL. Eric firmly believes in his Fertility Protocol and the results speak for themselves (check our acupuncture testimonials page). Eric works in conjunction with some of the best medical doctors and a major part of his patient load is fertility related treatments. When requested, Eric is happy to offer a free consult to discuss your particular goals and concerns prior to embarking on your new journey.

Eric is happily married, and as of March 8th, 2014 has a healthy baby boy named Kai. His wife, 42 year old Deena, is living proof that through Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine dreams of conceiving new life can become reality, even later in life. Contact Twelve Pathways Acupuncture, near Naperville, IL, today to learn more about the many acupuncture benefits.